Tip for online grocery shopping

In these times of Pandemic, GONE are the days of spending what seems like an eternity pacing the polish floors of your local supermarket... well for some people anyway.

ONLINE is the way of the future! Everything from buying clothing online to buying that weird obscure random thing from eBay that may have a use one day.

But for me anyway......the online food shopping was a complete game changer. YES I know its been around for a while but hey, I guess I'm a little slow to the game.

But I love it,

  • Stuck in isolation? - online food shopping

  • Don't have time to make it to the shops? - online food shopping

  • Moved to a new area and don't know your way around yet? - online food shopping

  • Not sure if there is any toilet paper left at the shops and don't want to drive all the way there? - online....toilet paper shopping?

Needless to say..... I like it a lot!

I'm not going to lie though, the first time can be a little bit confusing. My first shop I somehow bought 5 big bags of grapes when I only wanted one, so we were on a fruitarian diet that week...... I'm glad toilet paper was still plentiful then!

But here is a little tip for you if your sitting on the fence and not sure if it's for you.

It's easy, convenient, and can be delivered at your preferred time which helps when scheduling AND delivered to your door.


(this is applied to our local Woolworths or Coles here in Australia - But I'm sure wherever you are from, your local online shops will do the same)

So when using the Coles or Woolies (Woolworths...good old Aussie slang), the website will actually save your shopping list.

So if you have only done it once, don't be put off or frustrated that you have to go through and select it all again. Just change or add anything that you want or didn't purchase last time, but apart from that you can just repurchase the same things! SUPER easy, particularly if you have a meal plan or a specific diet or dietary requirement.

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But online shopping......get amongst it!

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stay healthy.

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