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We have all heard about how much sugar is in soft drinks, But what does that mean for you?

Hey....I'll be the first one to say that I LOVE having a can of soft drink or "Healthy.." sports drink. But when you really look at what you're doing to your body, it's really quite shocking.

A study from Harvard T.H Chan school of public health yielded some interesting results.

It says "Sugary drinks (also categorised as sugar-sweetened beverages or “soft” drinks) refer to any beverage with added sugar or other sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, fruit juice concentrates, and more). This includes soda, cola, tonic, fruit punch, lemonade (and other “ades”), sweetened powdered drinks, as well as sports and energy drinks. As a category, these beverages are the single largest source of calories and added sugar in the U.S. diet. In other parts of the world, particularly developing countries, sugary drink consumption is rising dramatically due to widespread urbanisation and beverage marketing".

I think because they are so easy to have, don't make us feel "full" and they can be really refreshing, we don't necessarily think of it as a source of calories and sugar. But think again because according to that study, (at least in the U.S) it may be OUR largest source of calorie and sugar intake!

I've heard many times in jest, "use cola to clean your ....*insert dirty / grimy item here* " it can be used to clean your toilets and even clean rust off nuts and bolts, so it can be pretty harsh stuff. So if soft drinks are that good at cleaning and stripping, what does it do to your teeth?

  • So your mouth has bacteria in it which is natural, but when the sugar from soft drinks is introduced, your bacteria starts to break down the sugar in sugary drinks into acids.

  • The acid acid does... attacks the teeth and starts dissolving the outer surface of your tooth enamel.

  • The acid dissolving the enamel lasts for about 20 minutes. BUT, every time you take a sip...the acid damage begins all over again.

  • This regular loss of enamel leads to cavities which work their way down to exposes the inner layers of the tooth.

  • THE VERDICT? = 1 count of bad cavities ,2 counts of tooth sensitivity and pain and 1st degree disappointment when you look at your ruined smile.

All in all we should be trying to avoid these types of drinks as much as we can, even substituting 1 or 2 glasses of soft drink a week for water can help us. it just a dream to think that in this age of 'convenience', 'fast food' and 'instant everything' we will stop from having these different drinks and food that we KNOW are harmful for us?...probably so. But being aware of what we are putting into our amazing bodies is at least a good place to start.

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