MenuMade is here and want to let you know a little about us!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

G'day my guys and gals, welcome welcome WELCOME. We hope you will enjoy all our upcoming info, tips and tricks for you foodies and for ANYONE that wants to spice up their meals or menus.

MenuMade has had a GREAT first month or so, we are continually enhancing our website and meal plans. Take a look on our website and see the latest updates if you haven't already.


we at MenuMade want to officially introduce ourselves, let you know why we are doing what we do and how we can provide for you.


Who is MenuMade

We are a husband and wife team!

Ben & Cassandra are our names. We are just your everyday, average people. We try to stay healthy, eat well, exercise (if we can be bothered).... but also enjoy our food and treating ourselves to delicious meals. But we just got sick of always trying to think about what to eat for dinner, or what to have for lunch every day, MY BRAIN DOESN'T HAVE THAT MUCH SPACE!

Lucky for us Cass is a Hyper-organiser so she sat down one day and decided we are going to plan out all our meals so we know...first of all, what's on the menu for dinner and lunch.....what we need to buy at the shops...and keep track of our snacking and food intake. We soon realised that this was helping us SO much. We were organised when we went for the shopping, AND saving money!, we were feeling healthier because we knew what we were eating and preparing.

So that helped us to stop snacking so much and eating that deliciously delicious junk food...

we slowly worked on different meal plans and menus to keep things interesting, to change it up and try different diet ideas.

We are part of various different groups on social media and one of the common questions on these sites are "Does anyone have any good dinner ideas or ideas to feed the family" so thats when the idea for MenuMade began. We have been providing our meal plans via personal message on Facebook and have had GREAT reviews and lots of thanks for the help. Now......we started a website to try provide solutions to the "Dinner dilemma" for as many people as possible.

So thats a little bit about us.

So what now?

well we are going to continue to add more meal plans and ideas. We really want to provide some specific plans such as a weekend feast, dinner party with friends, cheat meal days, Sunday roast, sensible snacks, camping meals, holiday goodies and much MUCH more.

We hope you enjoy MenuMade and hope to help you out with what we can this space!


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