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For more info, Check out our "Stress Less" meal plan. 

Slow cooker specials 

This 3 week slow cooker meal plan is a lifesaver for busy people or family’s who are after easy, delicious, healthy meals and low fuss. Not just a winter favourite! It’s perfect for all year round! 

This plans versatile and wide range of meals are easy enough for even a first time cook. Simply toss in your ingredients following the recipe provided,  set and forget till dinner time. 

This meal plan can be very easily adapted to gluten free, dairy free or high protein without changing the recipe.  All the tips and suggestions are provided. 

Stress Less meal plan 

Our Stress Less meal plan provides you a whole month worth of Menus, Shopping lists & Recipes. Just follow the easy instructions, recipes, tips and tricks and see how easy meal time can be. This is a family friendly, health conscious, budget friendly meal plan that can be used for any occasion ranging from just feeding yourself, to your whole family through to feeding a whole party. Our Stress Less meal plan does not follow any specific dietary requirements, so if you are wanting a meal plan that fits into your specific lifestyle or dietary requirements, check out MenuMade's variety of other meal plans and find the right one for you!

Vegan / Gluten free / Dairy free meal plan 

Finding a meal plan to fit into a vegan lifestyle is hard to find. But MenuMade has one for you! This is designed

for those that want the ease of a pre-planned Menu, shopping list and schedule, but adapted to a vegan lifestyle. Along with being Vegan this plan is also Gluten free & Dairy free. Use your plan and Eat healthy, Eat tasty.....Eat Vegan 

HIGH protein / LOW carb meal plan 

Don't spend all that time in the Gym if you're just going to eat whatever food gets put in front of you. MAXIMISE those gains by eating healthy, nutritious meals that will help you with your fitness goals! This Meal plan is for those that want a high protein, low carb diet  - Yes this plan is for people that know that EVERY season is beach body season!

If Gluten is a problem for you and your stomach, then working out what to eat or buy can be a real challenge!

MenuMade has designed this meal plan for those that want the ease of a pre-planned Menu, shopping list and schedule, but want the gluten free option. Don't try and adapt other meal plans to your diet, Just get the meal plan DESIGNED for your diet.

Gluten Free meal plan 

Kombucha has risen in popularity in recent times and for good reason!. Its a healthy, refreshing, natural probiotic drink that you can create at home. We at MenuMade have been brewing our own for the last 7 years and can attest to how easy, simple and cost effective it is to create your own. This "Brew your own Kombucha" plan comes with your starter culture (scoby)  and all the instructions you need to have a continuous brewing cycle from your own home!

Brew your own Kombucha


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